Refine your material output with precision Tesab Screener, meticulously designed to segregate and sort aggregate into a spectrum of sizes for various applications. These screeners stand as pillars of quality control, providing you with clean, graded materials that are fundamental for the construction and landscaping sectors.

TS2430 2 Deck Screener

The TS2430 2 Deck Screener is uniquely positioned for those who want high screener capacity without excessive costs, providing comparable capacities to larger machines and excelling in a wide range of applications, particularly fine sand screening.

TS2600 2 Deck Screener

Leading the market, the TS2600 2 Deck Screener offers high-quality, high-capacity performance with low operating costs and adaptability to a range of applications including quarrying and sand screening.

TS3430 3 Deck Screener

The TS3430 3 Deck Screener, a triple-deck version of the TS2430, provides high-quality screened products and excels in applications such as fine sand screening, designed for quick setup and economical operation.

TS3600 3 Deck Screener

The TS3600 3 Deck Screener takes screening capacity and performance to a new level with its third deck and additional conveyors, making it highly adaptable for a range of applications including quarrying and coal screening.