Jaw Crushers

Unleash the full potential of primary crushing with robust Tesab Jaw Crushers, designed to withstand the rigors of quarry work and mining operations. Their powerful crushing capabilities ensure the highest throughput, while maintaining operational efficiency, making them indispensable in the initial stages of material processing in the aggregate industry.

500i Jaw Crusher

The Tesab 500i mobile jaw crusher combines compact design with powerful performance for efficient on-the-go crushing and recycling in tight job sites.

600i Jaw Crusher

The Tesab 600i Jaw Crusher is a highly portable, heavy-duty crusher with a user-friendly control panel and a design that enhances productivity and mobility for a range of construction and commercial applications.

700i Jaw Crusher

Tesab's 700i Tracked Jaw Crusher is a dynamic and efficient option for contractors, offering easy transportability, versatile material handling, and a design that ensures power and efficiency.

700ie Hybrid Electric Jaw Crusher

The 700ie Hybrid Electric Jaw Crusher represents Tesab's commitment to efficiency and eco-friendliness, with all-electric drives, significant fuel savings, and versatile operational capabilities.

800i Jaw Crusher

Building on its predecessor's robustness, the 800i Jaw Crusher by Tesab offers high performance for quarry operations, with improved material separation quality and a range of engine options to suit various needs.

800ie Jaw Crusher

The Tesab 800ie Jaw Crusher is a leading hybrid model designed for maximum durability and efficiency in an eco-friendly way, featuring electric drives, flexible power options, and safety-enhancing controls for a variety of operations.