Scalpers / Reclaimers

Revolutionize your material preparation with a Tesab Scalper / Reclaimer. Each is engineered to facilitate the effective processing and reclamation of a wide array of aggregates. With their robust construction and advanced design, they are adept at sorting through mixed materials, ensuring a refined product ready for further processing or direct use in construction.

TS1340 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer

Ideal for contractors who require excellent screening performance without the need for high capacity, the TS1340 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer offers one of the highest stockpile heights and largest screening areas in its class, ensuring efficient and dependable productivity.

TS1550 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer

The TS1550 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer is designed for the toughest environments, providing high performance in sticky wet material with its reputable screenbox, and is highly productive and efficient, especially for large material.

TS1860 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer

The TS1860 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer is the largest in Tesab's range, offering unmatched productivity and versatility, with a powerful CAT engine and a high-performance screenbox for robust and versatile scalping and reclaiming.

TS1230 Portable Scalper / Reclaimer

The Tesab TS1230 Portable Screener is a versatile and durable machine from the TS-Series, offering easy transport and high-quality screening performance for smaller, heavy-duty projects without the need for a larger screener.