TS2600 2 Deck Screener

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The highly sophisticated TS2600 leads the industry in 20' x 5' screeners, renowned for its superior quality, powerful performance and economical operating cost. This exceptional piece of heavy equipment excels in productivity, user-friendliness, dependability, and the grade of product it generates, offering enormous returns for clients globally. Thanks to its adaptable screen box angles, the TS2600 proves to be remarkably flexible even in the most demanding environments. It shines in a broad spectrum of applications that includes but is not limited to quarrying, crusher circuits, sand and gravel processing, coal screening, topsoil refinement, and woodchip filtering. Crafted from top-tier components, we guarantee that the TS2600 will never disappoint. It is simply peerless in the 20' x 5' screener market, ensuring customers won't find a better heavy-duty solution out there.

Key Features

A greatly versatile machine, the TS2600 Deck Screener excels across a broad spectrum of applications
Equipped with 48-inch (1200mm) feed conveyor, facilitating high-capacity performance in screening
Reliable and durable components add to its position as a go-to machine in the market
20ft x 5ft (6.1m x 1.52m) high-performance Screenbox in TS2600 2 Deck Screener


Working Dimensions
Width 18,240mm (59’10”) Length 18,780mm (61’7") Weight (Est) 36,000kgs (79,366Ibs)
Transport Dimensions
Height 3400mm (11' 2") Width 2900mm (9’6") Length 18,450mm (60’6")
Bottom Deck
5.49m x 1.52m (18' x 5')
Top Deck
6.10m x 1.52m (20' x 5')
Engine Size
CAT 125Hp (93Kw)
Max Feed Capacity
650 T/H*

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