Enhance the efficiency and organization of your material stockpiling with an innovative Tesab Stackers. These machines are the lifeline of aggregate handling, ensuring seamless stockpile management, optimizing space, and maintaining material quality, thereby elevating the productivity of your operation.

5040SF Feeding Stacker

The Tesab 5040SF Feeding Stacker is a compact and efficient feeder stacker with a 10ft feeder hopper leading onto a 50ft conveyor, designed to eliminate double handling of materials and capable of being transported in a 40ft high cube container.

8048RF Feeder Conveyor

The Tesab 8048RF is a cutting-edge feeder stacker featuring a large feeder hopper and an 80ft conveyor, designed for efficient material handling and easy transport between sites.

8048SF High Capacity Feeder Stacker

Tesab's 8048SF High Capacity Feeder Stacker includes a large feeder hopper and an 80ft conveyor, designed for efficient material transfer and stockpiling, with the capability to compact for easy site-to-site transport on a low loader.

Trackstack 6536T

The Trackstack 6536T is a versatile mobile stockpiler featuring an adjustable 'Boomerang' feed boot for flexibility without sacrificing capacity, suitable for high tonnage handling and integration with the Tesab range of Crushers and Screeners.

Trackstack 8042T

Tesab's Trackstack 8042T is a heavy-duty mobile stockpiling solution that boasts quick setup times, a unique 'Boomerang' design for adjustable feed height, and compatibility with various material handling setups including direct feed from loaders or excavators.

Trackstack 8042TSL

The Trackstack 8042TSL enhances the standard 8042T by adding a radial stockpile feature, which allows for creating massive stockpile volumes and reduces the need for repositioning, thereby saving time and costs.