TS3430 3 Deck Screener

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Introducing the TS3430 3 Deck Screener, an enhanced version of the TS2430. The TS3430, a triple deck screener, is designed to deliver superior screening results for a variety of applications, including the fine sand screening. With the addition of a cross conveyor and a fourth product conveyor, you get even more high-quality screened products as standard. The TS3430 mirrors the versatility and efficiency of the two-deck version, excelling across all manner of applications. Notably, it offers unparalleled performance in fine sand screening, producing high quantities of top-notch products. Its design is aimed at quick setup, straightforward maintenance and cost-effective operation, reaffirming its reliability in your operations. In search of increased product yield and capacity from your screener, but reluctant to run a larger machine? Then the TS3430 3 Deck Screener is your ideal choice. It delivers enhanced capacity through its streamlined design, without the need for a larger, bulkier machine. It truly embodies a remarkable balance between productivity and size.

Key Features

Versatility is prioritized, with the machine capable of operating effectively in a wide array of applications
This heavy equipment is assembled with superior-grade components, ensuring its place as one of the most reliable machines in the market
It boasts an advanced hydraulic folding conveyor system, drastically reducing setup times and related costs
The TS3430 3 Deck Screener features a substantial 14-foot x 5-foot (or 4.2m x 1.52m) screen box, rendering productivity on par with larger-sized machines


Working Dimensions
Width 16,080mm (52’9") Length 17,320mm (56’10”) Weight (Est) 29,000kgs (63,933Ibs)
Transport Dimensions
Height 3450mm (11' 4") Width 4340mm (10’8") Length 16,520mm (54’2")
Middle Deck
4.27m x 1.52m (14' x 5')
Bottom Deck
3.66m x 1.52m (12' x 5')
Top Deck
4.27m x 1.52m (14' x 5')
Engine Size
CAT 100Hp (75Kw)
Max Feed Capacity
500 T/H*

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