TS2430 2 Deck Screener

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The TS2430 2 Deck Screener holds a unique classification in the field of heavy equipment machinery. Perfect for those looking to maximize efficiency without incurring high operating costs, this screener is a superior choice. Its advanced design, combined with a 14’ x 5’ (4.2m x 1.52m) screenbox, equips the TS2430 to deliver capacities similar to its larger counterparts, particularly in fine sand screening applications. The heavyweight champion also boasts a streamlined hydraulic screenbox linkage system and mesh wedge system. These innovative features facilitate reduced maintenance and mesh changing times to minimize downtime ; hence, saving your money. The TS2430 is the ideal solution if you're seeking to enhance your screener capacity without needing to invest in a larger machine. The productive returns garnered from this machine will indeed leave you surprised. Thus, if 'bigger output, smaller size' is your goal, the TS2430 2 Deck Screener is a perfect match for your requirements. Remember to keep your heavy equipment upgrade ambitions in the eye – TS2430 2 Deck Screener might just be the cost-effective solution you've been searching for.

Key Features

This machine offers excellent functionality across a vast variety of applications
Comes with a 48 inch (1200mm) feed conveyor for high capacity, top-notch screening
Designed with a Hydraulic screenbox linkage system to guarantee maximum screen coverage at different angles
The TS2430 2 Deck Screener boasts a 14 foot x 5 foot (4.2m x 1.52m) Screenbox, providing performance equal to bigger machines


Working Dimensions
Width 15,840mm (52") Length 17,320mm (56’10”) Weight (Est) 27,200kgs (59,965Ibs)
Transport Dimensions
Height 3400mm (11' 2") Width 2900mm (9’6") Length 16,520mm (54’2")
Bottom Deck
3.66m x 1.52m (12' x 5')
Top Deck
4.27m x 1.52m (14' x 5')
Engine Size
CAT 100Hp (75Kw)
Max Feed Time
500 T/H*

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