TS1860 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer

As the premier Tesab Scalper/Reclaimer model offered, the TS1860 stands unrivaled in both productivity and versatility. Powered by a potent 225hp (168kw) CAT engine, this top-tier machine delivers exceptional performance in generating high-quality outputs that cater to your needs. Its expansive hopper and broad feed opening promote optimal material flow while ensuring efficient functioning. Boosting this efficiency, the high-performance screenbox perfectly screens all material passed through, guaranteeing excellent results. When it comes to finding a dynamic, highly productive, and sturdy Scalper/Reclaimer, the TS1860 is arguably the best choice on the market. It represents the epitome of heavy equipment that's versatile, robust, and consistently delivers high-quality output.

Key Features

Sturdy, resilient, and built to stand the test of time
Constructed with premium quality components
Engineered for wide-ranging applications
Optimum performance 20 feet x 6 feet (6.2m x 1.83m) TS1860 Screenbox


Working Dimensions
Width 14,000mm (46’5") Length 16,500mm (54’1") Weight (Est) 39,500kgs (87,083Ibs)
Transport Dimensions
Height 3500mm (11' 6") Width 3000mm (9’10”) Length 16,970mm (55’8")
Bottom Deck
5.49m x 1.83m (18' x 6')
Top Deck
6.10m x 1.83m (20' x 6')
Engine Size
CAT 225Hp (168Kw)
Max Feed Capacity
850 T/H*

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