TS1340 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer

The TS1340 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer is the ideal solution for contractors in search of top-tier screening performance without sacrificing capacity requirements. Among the most outstanding features of this best-in-class heavy equipment product, you can expect to benefit from one of the highest stockpile heights and most expansive screening areas currently available in this category. Designed for seamless transportation, the TS1340 minimizes excessive downtime and transport costs. As an efficient and dependable choice, this mid-range scalper / reclaimer stands unrivaled in delivering high productivity. This heavy-duty machine beats the competition when it comes to providing reliable performance. Should the need for a superior mid-range scalper/reclaimer arise, look no further than the dependable and superior TS1340 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer.

Key Features

Ideal for contractors seeking adaptable and highly mobile screening equipment
High-grade components contribute to it being one of the most reliable heavy equipment machines in the market
Swift setup and cost-effective transportation
Sizeable 12’ x 4’6” (3.66m x 1.37m) Screenbox ensures superior screening efficiency
Sizeable 12’ x 4’6” (3.66m x 1.37m) Screenbox ensures superior screening efficiency


Working Dimensions
Width 12,230mm (40’2") Length 12,720mm (41’9") Weight (Est) 25,000kgs (55,115Ibs)
Transport Dimensions
Height 3200mm (10' 6") Width 2550mm (8’4") Length 13,040mm (42’9")
Bottom Deck
3.445m x 1.37m (11' x 4’6)
Top Deck
3.66m x 1.37m (12' x 4’6")
Engine Size
CAT 100Hp (74Kw)
Max Feed Capacity
450 T/H*

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