TS1550 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer

Constructed to endure harsh environments, the multi-purpose TS1550 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer shines in a myriad of applications. Renowned for its unrivaled performance, particularly with sticky wet materials, the TS1550 owes its prowess to its acclaimed Screenbox feature. This Screenbox offers a 155ft2 high-performance screening area that rivals any in its class. The TS1550 includes a spacious hopper and ample feed opening, allowing materials to flow freely. This amplified material flow results in a highly productive and efficient screening system – particularly when handling larger materials. Whether the task at hand involves primary crusher circuits, site reclamation, construction, demolition waste, heavy rock, sticky clay, or boulder clay, this versatile machine can efficiently screen even the most challenging materials.

Key Features

It demonstrates outstanding performance across a diverse array of challenging applications
Constructed for durability, our heavy-duty scalper / reclaimer thrives in harsh environments
Its broad feed opening brilliantly accommodates a substantial volume of freely flowing material
Reimagined for SEO: The TS1550 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer's generous 16-foot by 5-foot (or 4.88 meter by 1.53 meter) screen box delivers unrivaled screening efficiency


Working Dimensions
Width 13,450mm (44’1") Length 15,210mm (49’10”) Weight (Est) 32,600kgs (71,870Ibs)
Transport Dimensions
Height 3400mm (11' 2") Width 2900mm (9’6") Length 15,300mm (50’2")
Bottom Deck
4.58m x 1.53m (15' x 5')
Top Deck
4.88m x 1.53m (16' x 5')
Engine Size
CAT 127Hp (95Kw)
Max Feed Capacity
550 T/H*

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