200TC Heavy Duty Compact Cone Crusher

Discover the exceptional qualities of the Tesab 200TC Heavy Duty Compact Cone Crusher, a standout in the realm of heavy-duty machinery. This highly portable and compact cone crusher surpasses expectations with unique features that are anything but standard. Uncover easy and unmatched ground level accessibility, a robust full-sized MC200 cone, and a vigorous engine designed for optimal performance. The 200TC model seamlessly integrates an efficient conveyor design that facilitates productive operations and a continuous monitoring system that maintains a constant check on load and materials. Tesab's mobile cone crushers are engineered with a singular goal - to deliver superior performance without compromise. Accommodate high-capacity needs, achieve refined product quality, harness optimal versatility and witness improved fuel efficiency with Tesab 200TC's groundbreaking design. This potent heavy machinery is ideal for those searching for top-tier performance in a compact, portable design. Unveil the power of Tesab's 200TC Heavy Duty Compact Cone Crusher - a testament to innovation and efficiency in the field of heavy equipment.

Key Features

Unparalleled Ground-Level Access for Easy Maintenance and Service
Compact Design for Superior Manoeuvrability and Easy Transportation
Rapid Setup, Ready for Operation in Less Than 5 Minutes
Dual-Pole Metal Detector with Adjustable Sensitivity
High-Speed 200Hp Cone Crusher with Large Throw
MC200 Cone Crusher
Heavy-Duty Crusher on Tracks
Powerful Engine with 350Hp or 260kW


Crushing Chamber
185mm (7.28”)
Main Conveyor
Stockpile Height 3314mm (10’ – 10”) Width 1200mm (48”)
Transport Dimensions
Height 3.4m (11’ – 1.8”) Width 2.8m (9' – 1.4”) Length 16.4m (53' – 8.6")
Crusher Drive
Direct Drive
Hopper Volume
5m3 (6.5yd3)
Feed Opening
914mm (38”)
89,110lb (40,420kg).
350 Hp (260 kW)

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