200TCR Recirculating Cone Crusher

The Tesab 200TCR recirculating cone crusher integrates the functionality of the 200TC Cone Crusher with a comprehensive screening and recirculation process. This innovative system permits operators to generate a high-grade crushed and screened end product using a single machine. Keyword-rich phrases like crushed and screened final product, and integrated screening and recirculation system can pique the interest of potential online searchers. Both versions of the Tesab crusher—200TC & 200TCR—come equipped with top-tier features. The machine incorporates load and material level monitoring, offering seamless operation. The crusher also features a user-friendly hydraulic push button for Closed Side Setting (CSS) adjustment. In addition, it includes a hydraulic relief system making it a comprehensive solution for operators. SEO-friendly terms such as hydraulic push button adjustment and comprehensive hydraulic relief system can help to improve visibility for those searching for these features online.

Key Features

Easy-to-Maintain Open Chassis Design - Quick Setup Time
Spacious Distance Between Crusher Output and Conveyer Feedboot
Constructed with Robust I-beam Plate Chassis
In-built Hopper with Collapsible Rear Door Feature
200TCR Recirculating Cone Crusher with CAT C9.3B or CAT C9 Tier 3 Motor


Stockpile Height
Main Conveyor 10’ – 10” (3314mm) Belt Width 348” (1200mm)
Transport Dimensions
Height 11’ – 1.8” (3.4m) Width 8’ – 8” (2.65m) Length 47’ – 10” (14.59m)
Feed Opening
38” (914mm)
Hopper Volume
5m³ (6.5yd3)
114,640lb (52,000kg)
360 Hp (268 kW)

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