5040SF Feeding Stacker

Introducing the advanced Tesab 5040SF, our latest innovation in the world of feeder stackers. This superior piece of heavy equipment features a spacious 10-foot feeder hopper, seamlessly channeling material onto an expansive 50-foot conveyor. The groundbreaking design of the 5040SF allows operators to efficiently stockpile and transfer materials, effectively eliminating the need for double handling. Notably, our 5040SF Feeding Stacker showcases superior compactibility, facilitating easy transportation within a 40-ft high cube container. This unique feature significantly decreases transportation costs, offering significant cost benefits. Embolden your operations with the Tesab 5040SF feeder stacker - the new standard in efficient material handling.

Key Features

User-friendly hydraulic controls
Superior mobility and stability with 3.5m tracks
I-beam plate fabricated framework guarantees sturdy construction
Height adjustment of discharge up to 6.5m through hydraulic control
Fuel-efficient hydraulic system
Rapid transport adjustment with hydraulic folding head section, reducing setup duration
40" (1000 mm) broad sturdy conveyor


Working Dimensions
Height 6.5m (21' 3") Length 18.9m (62' 2") Stockpile Height 6.5m (21' 3")
Transport Dimensions
Height 2.6m (8' 5") Width 2.3m (7' 6") Length 2.6m (8' 5")
Max. Production Rate
550 TPH (500 metric TPH)
Hopper Capacity
6m³ (8 yd³)
319,670 lbs (145,000kg)
74 Hp (55 kW)

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