800ie Jaw Crusher

The 800ie Jaw Crusher is a premier hybrid crusher in the Tesab line, expertly engineered for optimum durable rock crushing in the most eco-friendly manner. Its high efficiency, exhibiting a potential capacity of over 450tph and fuel usage below 26LPH*, makes it an exceptional choice for those in search of performance and sustainability. These features are accomplished using entirely electric drives, substantially reducing environmental impact and lowering maintenance needs. The 800ie Jaw Crusher's flexibility is unmatched, able to be powered via an onboard diesel genset or connected to the main utility for emission-free operations. With an adaptable speed feature for the crusher unit and feeder system, this Tesab machine can cater to a variety of operations. Unblocking the jaw crusher brings ease and safety with unique single-push controls, considerably reducing downtime and improving site safety. The 800ie Jaw Crusher aligns fully with Tesab’s assortment of secondary crushers and screeners. Paired with diverse engine options to cater to a global market, this advanced machine offers standalone operations when fueled by an excavator. Embrace the Tesab range of Jaw Crushers for durability, efficiency, and adaptability.

Key Features

Offers Up to 3-Year Warranty on All Motor and Gearbox Units
Achieves Up to 33% Greater Fuel Efficiency and Slashes Operating Costs by 70%
User-Friendly Controls Enhance Safety and Ease of Use for Operators
800ie Jaw Crusher Feeds Directly from Excavators


Working Dimensions
Width 6.0m (19’ 9”) (9’8") Length 16.63m (52’ 9”) Weight (Est) 63,500 Kg* (140,000 lbs)
Transport Dimensions
Height 3.8m (12’ 6”) Width 3.0m (9’ 10”) Length 14.91m (48’ 11”)
Pre Screen
Engine Size
CAT C9.3B Tier 4f (Stage 5)
Reduction Ratio
Max Feed Time
1050mm x 800mm (41” x 32”)
Production Rate
450+ TPH *

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